Saturday, October 16, 2010

A long update~ For my own entries

After reading Nelson's blog, I suddenly feel the urge to update mine as well, not that anyone would read it anyways, but hey, I will be reading it in the future !

Nothing fancy, currently in Paeds posting. To be honest, I don't feel the hecticness that all my friends that had experienced it previously. I guess lack of motivation and stress are the reasons for all that...

Talking about Paeds, I do like the posting, I like playing with children, I like examining them, I like to talk to them, etc... They make me happy, they make me feel young, and they motivate me because seeing the faces of such innocent happiness and smiles, you can't help but think that you have to Protect them in some way or another. Thus, when I come across something that I don't understand about a disease in a child, I will be really motivated to read it... But the thing is, the opposite end of the spectrum (the adult) are demotivating me from loving Paeds, namely XXX Ugh...

Next, recently I found myself very terrible in socializing. I kept rejecting people's invitation to go out for dinner/lunch/gathering etc... I am especially sorry to hooi ching, raymond and zhi yi them because they want to celebrate my birthday, and keep inviting me for a gathering. However, I kept rejecting them. I am sorry, I am really tired from this posting (even though I just admitted myself that it ISN'T as it is supposed to be), and I am really lazy to go out... I would rather stay at my home, rest, watch some movies/animes, catch up with my psp and etc... Yeah, I am sorry. and I need to study also... But that doesn't mean that you all are not my friends, and I didn't treasure you guys... I just hope you guys understand it... (I wrote this cause I just REJECTED THEM ONCE AGAIN !!!)

That's all, I am lazy to type. Ja ne...

Oh ya, Seto no Hanayome is frigging awesome !!! xD

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just woke up

I slept at 6am yesterday, and I woke up at 11.00am. Weird... Usually I am able to sleep till 4-5pm if I slept that late, but instead, I woke up earlier. I guess regular sleep pattern when going HKL is working eh ? yay~~

Yesterday I went for steamboat with my housemates. 2 person put us plane at the last minute. The strange thing is, I didn't get annoyed at that certain one putting me plane, but I get terribly annoyed by the second one...

And also, I should really improve on my assertiveness. It's my stuff, it's my thing, it's my responsibility, why can't I just say it out clear and loud ? I am scared of what ? =.= I thought I am better already, but in the end, I am not.

EDIT : I just said it out just now... Phew... Cool... I am not bad afterall LOL

Since I feel like typing more, let's see what can I talk about more...

Damn those BAT, my Mendes is not yet ranked... When will it be ranked ? =.= Faster please~

Also, Set 7 coming out tomorrow, yay for prolonged anticipation and bla bla bla. It would really be nice if I could spend some money on the gran, but hell no, I am not going to. Remember the US dollar conversion rate ? Ouch !

Also, I want sushi.... T.T and ramen of course. ;p My favourite xD

Last thing, I kept having this waterbrash everyday, but no stomach pain. But I can feel that my stomach is bloated and secreting lots of acid. And sometimes, I can feel that the acid is refluxing into my mouth, hence the feeling of sourness in the mouth. Ironically, a certain teaching actually make this condition worse. Of course, classically, the symptoms get better when I stuff myself with food. LOL. Gluttony much ?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Final Year 1st on call

Today was my 1st on call for my final year. Internal Medicine posting. Went to emergency department. Very delightful coz learned a lot of things. I think the willingness of learning knowledge and be humble is crucial, because with that quality, the sponge of my brain will never be fully soaked.

Today had 7 teachings, wow, learned a lot. Also, somebody lost my note book, luckily I found it back. I am just VERY disappointed at how that somebody handle something. That somebody lost my book, yet I am the one who found it back. Not trying to think negatively, but I can't help it. It might just be a understanding, but who knows right ? I don't know what is true anymore...

Yo, writing this is for my own reading pleasure actually in the future. Yay Yay~~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

LOL, I have 1 follower

xD Which is Persiap BBA Tahun Lima. orz

Anyway, hope that my osu Mendes can be ranked soon. And also, please bless my group on this friday for that "special" teaching. ^.^""

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Interesting, I am just trying to "create" this thing so that, yay, an achievement of "I have a blog" is done, even though it's a small blog and might not be updated AT ALL. But still, I am curious. I guess nobody would notice me, or this non-existant blog, since I am not popular and I am definitely not advertising my blog... (Hey, it just get started...)

Uhm... That's all ? >.<